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Scandinavian Transformer has been named Gazele company in Poland.

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Air Coil

Scandinavian Transformer Sp.zo.o. is able to supply various types of air coils according the customer specifications. The coil can be wounded on a specified coil form or on a mandrel of almost any shape.

      - Mobile Phones
      - Clocks
      - Audio Speakers
      - Communication
      - Display Screens
The main advantage of the air coil is that it is free of the iron losses and the non-linearity normally associated with a ferromagnetic core based coil. The inductance of an air coil is at the same time unaffected by the current. The inductance is therefore only determined by the number of turns and the physical placement of the turns.

As the frequency is increased this advantage of the air coil becomes progressively more apparent. You obtain a better quality factor, greater efficiency, greater power handling, and less distortion. Air coils can be designed to perform at frequencies as high as 1 Ghz.
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