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Scandinavian Transformer has been named Gazele company in Poland.

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Bicronite Transformer
Corona Free BIL Rated Transformers

Scandinavian Transformer Sp.zo.o. supplies Bicronite BIL rated transformers. The transformers unique design and special insulation system are designed to effectively eliminate partial discharge (Corona) in the transformer.

      - Industrial Control
      - Motor Control
      - Power Conversion
      - Alternative Energy
      - Hi Voltage AC Switch Control
Corona or partial discharge can be defined as the ionization of the insulation system when there is a high voltage differential between windings in a transformer. The Corona level in a transformer has a pronounced effect on the life time of the transformer.

Simulation Models:
We can provide you with a simulation model for your transformer in SPICE, PSPICE, SABER or Simplorer format. Modelling provides the ability to make changes to the circuit and the transformer without the cost of building samples and allows multiple different designs in a short period of time.
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