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Scandinavian Transformer has been named Gazele company in Poland.

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Toroidal Transformer

The toroidal transformers from Scandinavian Transformer Sp.zo.o. can be supplied from our standard program or produced according to customer specifications and requirements.

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Click to view standard Standard Toroidal Transformer
15-1000 VA, 50-60 Hz, metal disc mounted,
230 VAC primary, 1 or 2 secondary outlets
Click to view customized Customized Toroidal Transformer
5-10000 VA, 10-2000 Hz, one or several primary and secondary windings
Efficient, small and quiet are three words commonly used to describe the toroidal transformer. The circular tape wound core with uniformly distributed windings locks in the magnetic field resulting in a typical overall efficiency of around 95 %. The high efficiency makes toroidal transformers smaller and lighter than conventional laminated EI-transformers.

Both standard and custom designed toroidal transformers can be UL certified with family approvals for Speciality Transformers UL 506 and transformers for medical electrical equipment UL 60601-1.
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