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Multi-tapped Secondary, Chassis Mount.
230 VAC primary, 3.2A/4A/10A multi-tapped secondary voltage

Chassis mounting frame construction transformer with multi-tapped secondary voltage designed according to the following specifications.

Temp. class:
50 - 1000 VA
50/60 Hz
230 VAC
4 kV RMS
A (105°)
BS3535 and EN 60 742
Chassis mounting frame construction low voltage mains transformers with a single 230 VAC 50/60Hz primary winding and multi-tapped secondary winding. Suitable for a wide range of applications requiring selected secondary voltages.
  • Double section bobbin construction
  • Fully shrouded bobbins
  • Full varnish impregnation
  • Multi-hole frame fixing
  • Solder tag terminations
  • 100% electrical and flash tested

Technical specification  
WIC no. Stock no. regulation % typ. *max. output current (A) output voltage tappings VAC
WT1295 211-0654 10  3.2  0-13.4-19.2-26.0-31.9 
WT1295 211-0660 10  4.0  0-6-9-12-18-24 
WT1297 211-0676 10.0  0-4.5-6-9-12-15-18-20-24 
* Maximum current through any part of the winding 

Regulation =  Off load voltage - full load voltage
Off load voltage

transformer current ratings
When a transformer is used to supply any load other than a pure resistive one, it is necessary to derate its specified AC current rating to prevent overload. These current derating factors are shown below each circuit and relate the transformer ac current rating to the DC load current.
Note: Where a transformer has a VA rating, this is the product of the secondary AC voltage and the secondary AC current.

DC output voltage of circuits
Relationships between VDC and VAC shown below each rectifier circuit do not include losses. The transformer’s ac output voltage is specified at the full load current - off load, the voltage will rise in accordance with the regulation specified for that particular transformer.

rectifier ratings
For full-wave circuits, the average current per rectifier is 0.5×IDC. For half-wave circuits it equals IDC. For all circuits each rectifier should have a VRRM rating in excess of 1.4×VAC except the half wave capacitor input filter circuit which requires a rating in excess of 2.8×VAC

Relationships and circuits shown above are intended as a guide and assume no circuit losses. For low dc voltages allowance should be made for the diode voltage drop.
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